When a tree is cut down, a stump is left behind. This stump is useless and in most cases, it disfigures your garden and you can’t use the space around the stump for planting because of the roots, penetrating deep into the soil. If you are tired of inventing new ways to hide the stumps, remember that My Sprinkler Repair’s stump removal in Orange County, CA is one phone call away.

Why You Should Remove That Tree Stump

A tree stump is like an iceberg, what you see above ground is only the beginning. Most stumps are double the size beneath the ground surface and sometimes leaving the stump behind contributes to new sprouts, which can result in many small trees growing around the stump. This is unsightly to your landscaping and quite costly to try to remove because the new shoots may keep coming back and you may need chemicals to kill them off completely. These small trees also leach nutrients from other plants located near them, so your begonias may not receive all the nutrients they need. Our stump removal in Orange County, CA is the most reliable and cost-effective because we know our stuff! 


Our Stump Removal Convenience

Our machines are landscape friendly. We have self-propelled, portable stump grinders that have rubber tracks, and we don’t have to drive our truck in your yard. We specialize in residential, but also work for businesses.

Why Stump Grinding?

There are several different ways to remove a stump, but the fastest and most efficient method is to grind it away. The stump grinder or stump cutter removes tree stumps by means of a high speed rotating cutting disk that chips away at the stump wood. The stump grinder incorporates a cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth. The cutter wheel movements are controlled by an operator to push the cutter wheel teeth laterally through the stump and to raise and lower the cutter wheel.

Why Choose Us?

My Sprinkler Repair wants to be your number one pick for stump removal in Orange County, CA. You will not go wrong when choosing us because we are experienced and proficient each time we service your property. We are fully accredited, licensed, bonded, and insured provider of tree management and maintenance services to residential, commercial, industrial, and government properties. We have the required permits and licenses to operate throughout Southern California.


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